Group leaders

Nathalie  lost 5kgs

“I am Nathalie d’Argent, Director and Group Leader at Weigh-Less club. I have joined Weigh-Less in 1991 to lose only 3kg and finally lost 5kg!!

Perhaps you think that it is very easy to lose a little weight, but it is not… one must be very disciplined and consistent. I wanted to follow the Weigh-Less plan to learn balanced and healthy eating habits and also because I was no more comfortable in my blue jeans!

And now, I found myself following the rules of Weigh-Less very strictly once a year at a certain season where I sometimes neglect myself as every human being!!! So Weigh-Less is there to help me to be back on track and reach ‘goal weight’ again.

I always try not to allow 3kg overweight to become 5kg or 8kg or more. I have over 25 years experience assisting Weigh-Less members and our role as Group Leaders is not just to advise and encourage you, but to get to know you personally. This enables us to adjust your formula as your needs change and ensures that your weight loss is consistent on your path to Ideal weight.

40 mins per week commitment to weigh, experience group support and to keep updated with all the hints and tips for success. Attaining ‘goal weight’ is the best gift you can give yourself.

Welcome to the Weigh-Less family and be blessed!“

Ingrid lost 50kgs

“I am Ingrid Jean-Louis, I lost 50kg in 12 months and I am a Group Leader at Weigh-Less working mainly in Curepipe and Online.

Since my childhood, I was overweight and people mocked me and called me “Big Mama”. It was hurting… After my second cesarean, I became obese and one day by the grace of God, I joined the Weigh-Less club where my life changed and has been completely transformed.

With the encouragement of my friends, my Group Leader Nathalie and the unconditional support of my husband, I have lost all my excess weight in one year. Weigh-Less allowed me to realize my dream and also to work for them.

Today, I am in full bloom and people on the road don’t recognize me anymore!

Now, I share my experience with all those who have the great desire to change their lives and I assist them the best way possible.“

Jacqueline lost 9kgs

“I started to put on weight after my pregnancies when I was on contraceptive pills. Friends and family started to tease me, because before I was the thinnest one among my sisters.

I decided to lose weight by cutting down on the carbs, but unfortunately, put it all back. So I decided to join the Weigh-Less slimming programme.

I was doing well, and when I was able to dress nicely again, it became a real turning point in my life, then I decided that I no longer want to be overweight again. I knew that Weigh-Less was the best way of eating and that prompted me to invest myself in that new experience. I got the amazing help of my lecturer and lost 2kg on the first week, which was so exciting.

My loved ones greeted me, encouraged me and that motivated me so much. I spoiled myself often with two special dishes; Chicken salad and Briani, the Weigh-Less way!

My family members and I always ate the same meals. As my husband is an Executive chef, he helped me too, in the kitchen.

Since my childhood, I was always active and did sport at school, this was a plus during my weight lost also.

After my achievement, I started to work as a Group Assistant at Weigh-Less and today I’m also a Lecturer assisting our precious members on their journey.“