Prayer for Motivation

I lift our Members to You and ask that you would place in them a desire to eat healthy food. I know that throughout our life we will be tempted to make poor food choices and eat that which brings death instead of life. Help us to understand what’s good for us and what isn’t, and give us a desire for food that is healthful. Let us be repulsed or dissatisfied with food that is harmful.

I pray that we will be spared from all eating disorders in any form. By the authority given to me in Jesus Christ (Luke 10:19), on our behalf, I say “No to anorexia”, “No to bulimia”, “No to food addiction”, “No to starvation diets”, “No to any kind of unbalanced eating habits”.

Lord, Your Words says, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”(John 8:32). Help us to see the truth about the way we are to live so that we can be set free from unhealthful habits. I pray that along with the desire to eat properly, You would give us the motivation to exercise regularly, to drink plenty of pure water, and to control and manage stress in my life by living according to Your Word. Whenever we struggle in any of those areas may we turn to You and say, “Teach us Your way, O Lord” (Psalm 27:11). Give us a vision of our body as the temple of Your Holy Spirit.

I pray that we will value the body You’ve given us and desire to take proper care of it. May we will not be critical of it, nor examine ourselves through the microscope of public opinion and acceptance. I pray that we will not be bound by the lure of fashion magazines, television or movies which they try to influence us with an image of what they say we should look like. Enable us to say, “Turn away our eyes from looking at worthless things”(Psalm 119:37). Help us to see that what makes a person truly attractive is Your Holy Spirit living in us and radiating outward. May we come to understand that true attractiveness begins in the heart of one who loves God.

Establish Your vision of health and attractiveness in our heart this day, and permanently instill in us the desire to take proper care of our body, because it is the temple of your Holy Spirit.

Lord, I plead the Holy and precious blood of Jesus over us right now, to protect us from any food problems. Thank you Jesus for the power of your blood on each of us! Amen!