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Mary founded Weigh-Less in 1975, envisioning all the values and support that she wanted to receive as an overweight person. Weigh-Less was to incorporate all the tools and support that Mary needed to assist her in losing weight.

Mary wanted a live-able, doable and affordable eating plan that would be founded on sound nutritional principles. With Weigh-Less, Mary knew that whatever weight she lost, it would be done in a healthy and sustainable way.

The vision was to create an environment where Members could come and feel secure and supported on their journey to Goal Weight. The idea would be to have Groups, led by former overweight people who had empathy, and could support the members both individually, and as a Group.

Our mission at Weigh-Less is for every member to attain and maintain Target Weight the healthy way. Once you walk through our doors, your challenge is our challenge. Your body is our business and we care. Don’t ever give up on your dream – your journey starts here today.

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