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Serves 6
1 Serve = 1 ½ CC + 1 Protein + ½ Fat
Good Choice Recipe

Prep: 25 Min
Cook: 35 Min

Ready in 60 min

800g chicken breast, debone and skinless

200g onion, chopped
20ml (4 tsp) Weigh-Less Extra Virgin Olive Oil
250g frozen spinach, defrosted and chopped
5ml (1 tsp) dried mixed herbs
Salt and freshly ground pepper for seasoning
250g fat-free plain smooth cottage cheese
1 egg
125ml (½ cup) soft white, bread crumbs

In a pan, sauté the onions until limp. Add the remaining stuffing ingredients and season to taste. Slice a hole into the chicken, and spoon the stuffing into the chicken. Place the stuffed chicken in a greased oven-proof dish and season. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C (350°F, Gas Mark 4) for about 35 minutes. Remember not to over-cook the chicken as it will be dry. Serve with boiled rice and green salad from daily allowance.

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