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Serves 4
1 Serve = 1 Protein + 1 Fat
Best Choice Recipe

Prep: 20
Cook: 25

20ml (4 tsp) Weigh-Less Extra Virgin Olive Oil
400g chicken breasts
2 cloves garlic, crushed
200g carrots cut into strips
100g onions, sliced
100g celery stalks, sliced
100g green pepper, cut into strips
100g red pepper; cut into strips
5 spring onions, sliced
250g mushrooms, sliced
45ml (3tbsp) soy sauce
Salt and black pepper

Heat the oil in a pan, add the chicken, crushed garlic and sauté until cooked. Add the vegetables and stir-fry until vegetables are tender but still crisp. Add the soy sauce and season with salt and black pepper. Serve with spaghetti or noodles from daily allowance.

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