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The good news is that sugar itself doesn’t directly make us fat.

Sugar is a carbohydrate, which only contains 4 calories per gram. Fat contains 9 calories per gram. Sugar, is however, responsible for all those cravings we get, encouraging us to eat foods that are full of fat.

Sugar is also responsible for tooth decay, linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and skin problems such as acne.


  • Reward: This usually stems from childhood when you were given sweets as a reward. Perhaps you still reward yourself. Instead of rewarding yourself with food, try rewarding yourself with other things like magazines, clothing, jacuzzi, sauna, massage, etc.
  • Low blood sugar: The more sugar you eat, the more your body wants. When you eat sugary foods, you get an instant energy boost. But this energy doesn’t last, and when it drops, it makes you crave something sweet again. Replace sugary foods with longer-lasting filling foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes, spaghetti, bananas and bread, etc.
  • Comfort: You may be eating sugar as a form of comfort. It could be that you are depressed, lonely or bored. Sugar, especially in the form of chocolate, can act as a pick-me-up. One thing is for sure, change the foods you comfort eat on, and you’ll have more strength and energy to deal with situations around you.

Foods such as wholemeal bread, rice, pasta, bananas, pears, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, cereals, baked potatoes and baked beans are packed with fibre and Vitamin B which helps against depression and anxiety. Switch your usual comfort chocolate, biscuits or takeaways for some of those foods mentioned – and the rest will take care of itself!!

High sources of sugar are found in chocolate, biscuits, desserts, cakes, buns, fruit drinks, jams and marmalades, etc.

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