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Until puberty I was overweight and then I became very slim. I stayed slim even after two pregnancies. But after my hysterectomy and menopause, I started gaining weight, mostly around my abdomen.

I felt awful when I looked at my pictures or when old pants were suddenly too tight. It’s not really noticeable to people who see me every day but people who haven’t seen me for a while would remark that I had put on weight. My cholesterol levels increased even though I was more or less eating the same.

I tried cutting down on carbs, but I would lose a bit of weight and then put it back again. So, I needed a good program that would sustain weight loss.

My first meeting was with Ingrid. I thought it would be difficult to follow but the program is very easy with plenty of meal options.

I lost in the first week itself. My goal was to reach my ideal weight, and do my maintenance in 3 months. I felt great after the first week especially as the program is simple to follow. There is plenty to eat and you don’t feel hungry.

The eating plan is great to follow. It’s just my husband and me at home and we eat differently since I am vegetarian.

Go for it, it will teach you how to eat healthily which will benefit your health and your self-esteem.

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