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“The ‘New me’ is able to do 50km, now!”

Before joining Weigh-Less, I was feeling bad about my body, not motivated in anything I do, I had a low esteem of myself and I was lazy. My weight was a handicap, and I was hiding my body – going out was very difficult for me. I always felt tired in my work. I was not opened to people and my relationship with others was not easy.
I have tried a particular diet but found it too hard. My weight was becoming a real problem both psychologically and socially for me, hence I decided to take care of myself. I am young and I am in the field of wellness, so giving a good image of my own self was important. I decided to join Weigh-Less. Luckily, I was able to adapt myself very fast and I have seen the quick changes on my body and my mood.
My real challenge was the sport but with the good eating habit my physical performance was improving and I started participating in running ‘trail’ monthly which I never did before. I was feeling more & more confident and was able to gain back this lost confidence in myself, after such a long time.
The ‘new me’ is able to do 50 KM per week and it is a real pleasure. When we are happy in our body and mind, everything is possible!
I am very satisfied and free of my past now after having joined Weigh-Less. I am more than ever ready, to live life differently with the good eating habits which I have learned. I followed strict eating on week days and allow myself some treats on week end, and enjoy going out. I also continued with my physical activities regularly.
I encourage Weigh-Less to everyone who want to avoid drastic diets. With Weigh-Less, we learn to eat balanced, it is adapted to your personal needs and desires. Weigh-Less allows you some freedom to eat from time to time but with moderation in order to maintain your weight properly.

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