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I had joined Weigh-Less in 2009 but could not complete the program due to educational and work constraints.  So after 5 years, I decided to re-join Weigh-Less in 2014 with a promise to myself that I will be able to experience a ‘new’ me sooner.  Weigh-Less has brought a complete change to my life.  Being obese, I used to feel tired all the time and I was stressed when I could not find clothes in my size and moreover, junk food cravings became a must almost every day.  My lifestyle was really unhealthy.  At Weigh-Less, I received my ‘magical formula’ with lots of advices and support as I thread on my weight loss journey.
Due to work exigencies, I had to travel abroad a lot, hence ensuring that I am sticking to my eating plan was a big challenge.  Meals varies from countries to countries and finding the appropriate equivalent to my daily meal was initially an obstacle but with changing environment, adapting to the meal and ensuring that it has a low-fat content gradually became my sixth sense!
My eating habit has changed drastically since I no longer consume junk foods, I observe a disciplined eating plan at the right intervals.  Eating a quality meal with the right quantity and right interval blended with a good dose of exercise and laugh and enough sleep are the keys to a good lifestyle, which have helped me reached my goal weight.  Support from my family and motivation from my lecturer, have also been of ample importance.  Besides self-discipline, resistance and focus have been my core strengths throughout this weight loss route.  Also making sure I consume at least 2 liters of water daily was a challenge.  At first, it was difficult but gradually I could feel the ‘toxins’ being washed away and energized my body during the whole day.  During workouts, I sweat more and feel more fresh.  I can say that my eating habit is more of a lifestyle now and I am happy to enjoy a healthy one.
Exercise has greatly helped in reducing my weight and keeping me fit all the way.  I observe a degree of muscle flexibility and elasticity after training and exercising since I joined Weigh-Less.  Above all, I strongly recommend that one should choose the type of exercise that is suitable to oneself and enjoyable at the same time.  I avoided extreme exercises for long hours rather I maintained a one-hour exercise thrice a week.
Today, I feel more confident, healthy, younger and experience a higher self-esteem. No matter how hard it can be, being strong and motivated all the time should be the only choice that you have, to make it work.  Also I still continue to keep a discipline lifestyle with all the advice I obtained from my lecturer during my weight loss to avoid gaining weight again.

Keep it up WEIGH-LESS and many thanks and well wishes for my great Lecturer, Ingrid.

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