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“HOW I LOSE 8.8 KG!”

All my clothes were tight, I was puffed out!!! I was feeling more lazy and tired.
This was not my first time at Weigh-Less, in fact 10 years ago I joined this programme and I was very successful but today again I badly needed to re-join Weigh-Less program.  I needed to lose weight since I was not feeling at ease at all in my skin and my clothes would not fit me any longer.
In fact, since it was my second time at Weigh-Less, I was able to adjust myself easily to all their advices, and as I was losing weight rapidly this gave me a great self-satisfaction.  It was always a pleasure to be complimented.  This encouraged me to keep on with this healthy lifestyle; moderate food quantities, time habits and good cooking principles.  I am now more fit and I am also more regular in my Tennis activities nowadays.
I am proudly recommending this super program to loads of people!!!

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