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I put on weight late, when I started snacking all day… And being a sporty woman, I felt that I was giving a bad image of myself. I was also struggling with my clothing. I had hypertension and was forced to have medication.

There was a campaign brought out by the Health & Safety officer at the office, and that prompted me to join Weigh-Less.

My first meeting was quite a challenge, but I lost 2.5kg after my first week. So I was very determined to commit. My regular weight lost and being able to fit back into my clothes slowly, encouraged me throughout my journey.

My favourite recipe is “Sauce rouge” with prawns! Yummy, yummy!!! What a treat!!!

People were commenting positively my weight lost and that helped a lot, too. I did not had to nibble all the time of the day, because I had 3 meals and 2 snacks daily and I chose peanuts, that I enjoy so much. Weigh-Less really helped me to cook nicely for my family, also.

I brought my prepared meals at work when needed; that is important to plan…

After loosing weight, I was able to run faster and now do better in my tournaments. I am more and more active, since.

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