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I started to gain weight when I neglected to bring food at work and had lunch at the office’s canteen. The food was probably oily and not balanced. I gained weight and soon after, I had high cholesterol and was breathless when taking the stairs.I was wearing loose clothes and bigger sizes to hide my extra kilos. I had to start medication and this was a turning point for me – so I decided to do something about it.

There was a health campaign organised at my work, so my colleagues and I were encouraged to join Weigh-Less.

I lost weight nicely, about 1 kg per week; I was motivated to loose weight before the end of the year’s parties! This was my challenge and I did it.

My favourite food was grilled fish. Every steps worked very well. Thou it was time consuming to prepare my food, I tried to be more organised. When I was going-out, I cut down on Carbs and Fat earlier on the day, to be more comfortable in my portions and choices, later.

I did the journey with a friend and together it was exciting. People’s comments and kind words gave me a great feeling of accomplishment.

I feel so good!

My Cholesterol went down!

I’m more fit!

I’m able to wear modern clothes!

And, I am happy!!!

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