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I gained weight because I was overeating, enjoying alcohol and my eating was not healthy.  And I had also a sedentary lifestyle.

My clothing was not fitting anymore and it was hard to do simple thing of everyday life, like climbing the stairs!  So, this was getting really serious and out of control.

My health was not good; my cholesterol was high and worst of all I was not taking medication.

I heard about Weigh-Less from friends and I went on the website and got motivated by the success stories, so I set an appointment at Ebene group.  My Lecturer was very friendly, helpful, and strict when needed.  At my first meeting, I was going to the unknown and it was quite exciting to start a new chapter in my life. Slowly, I realized how I was changing and how good I felt in my clothes. Obviously, this encouraged me a lot to pursue my plan.

The idea of being healthier was great and during the journey I enjoyed all variety of foods, as I love eating in general.

I struggled with binge eating, but overcome it by planning meals earlier.  Cooking balanced meal was easy, it was relatively do-able at home.  Water and exercises were important too; I swim regularly.

This challenge made me more responsible and accountable in all ways.

“Never give up! everybody can do it!”

Fill in the information below, submit and a Weigh-Less consultant will phone you in the following week.

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