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It has been a short but sweet journey with Weigh-Less
It all began when the people around me started noticing my weight gain, and some were begging me to lose weight.

After I gave birth I also went through a surgical operation and all that made a great change in my body. My job doesn’t make it easy to eat healthily, so I mostly resorted to eating fast food.

I started feeling uncomfortable with my weight and finally took the decision to do something about it.

After 3 months of effort, willingness, and good coaching here it is. I had lost 10.9kg before Christmas and that gave me such a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

There have been ups and downs along the way and I am very pleased that I have managed to reach my goal weight.

With Weigh-Less we can all make it!
Thank you Weigh-Less.

Total lost: 10.9kg
Coach: Jacqueline (Grand Bay)

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