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I put on, lots of weight during pregnancy – it was a huge ‘let go’ – large food portions, cakes,big supper and eating all day long…

I had rheumatism since my young age, 13yrs, and being overweight causes more pain, and I was depressed.

Sometimes family and friends were harsh with their comments… it was very hard! I often found myself in severe back spine pain, and heels & knees pain, too.

And finally one day, my friend’s success, encouraged me to do the step and join the Weigh-Less club. It was a great move because my Group leader helped me so much, with tips and hints . The good weight lost weekly, was a great feeling, it was a real motivation to reach my target. I enjoyed carbs during the day and protein, vegetables & salad for supper.

Five friends followed me, when they saw my successful path, it was great!

In the beggining, I was cooking my food separately but gradually I learned to cook the same menu for all my family. It worked very well and they enjoyed my cooking. Weigh-Less teached me the good cooking habits! Perseverance and patience are essential…. and I suggest to all the people who need to loose weight, to take Weigh-Less as a lifestyle and not a diet.

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