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Not everyone is a gym-bunny, and never let anyone tell you that you’re dead-meat without a gym contract!

Maybe you can’t afford it, or maybe you feel uncomfortable amongst all the people labouring at the gym. There are hundreds of other ways to get fit, and what’s more, they don’t cost a cent!
Most important, is to decide what type of fitness you’ll be more likely to enjoy and therefore continue with. Don’t make the mistake of starting swimming if you’re scared of getting your hair wet; or jogging around the block if you’re dead-scared of dogs! You have to feel at ease with what you’re doing, and you have to look forward to it, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for failure by creating obstacles that will prevent an exercise habit from forming.

Decide on a form of activity that you’ll enjoy, maybe it’s a good idea to play sport within a group of friends or to go for a walk with them. Maybe you can meet once a week and go and swim at a dam or you can take your dogs for a lovely walk. Use your imagination and make a plan!

Start off slowly but with consistency and give it time to take effect on all three aspects: emotional, metabolic and physical.

It WILL work, and you’ll be happy, healthy and toned before you know it!

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