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If you’ve done it before, you’ll know… exercise gives you the greatest feeling in the world, all the way from happiness to tight and taut limbs!

And if you’ve never done it before, read on for reasons to start this simple but effective routine which will enhance your weight loss, ease your maintenance, and make you feel gorgeous inside and out!


We live in a world that is becoming more and more sedentary. From our homes to our offices, technological advancements continue to promote laziness. The remote control for the TV or electric gates are but one example. Our luxury cars don’t help either: electric windows, automatic controls, … The list is endless!

How often do we actively get up and go to a sporting event? Why should we, when viewing is enhanced on our TV screens. How often do we take the kids out onto the field to play ball? Why should we, when we know they’d much rather play computer games. How often do we knead a lump of dough? Why should we, when we can buy perfectly-made breads from the closest bakery.

And in saying this, how often do we walk to the closest bakery? Why should we, when we can drive in our plush vehicles and park on the doorstep. We are living lifestyles which do not require movement! This is why we need to exercise! Our bodies were made to move, they were made to respond positively to movement, and they were made to enable us to push them further than we’d like to think.

Exercise rewards in three ways – emotionally, metabolically and physically.

When we exert ourselves, our bodies react by producing endorphins – these are the happy-chappy hormones that make us feel ‘high’ on pleasure. What happens inside us when we feel like this? We feel good about ourselves, and when we feel good about ourselves we automatically attain more emotional fulfillment! We call it self-esteem, and how can we possibly live our lives to their utmost without feeling great about ourselves in the process?!

We also metabolise at a faster rate and at a higher endurance level when we move around. Although this is not a visible aspect, it has benefits which exceed our expectations! our metabolism receives a revving from exercise, and it ‘revs’ during and for a while after this exercise. This translates into our bodies burning up the food we have eaten, and the excess stored fat. Hence, we begin to lose weight. If we happen to sustain this exercise routine, our metabolic rate increases its rate and endurance. All it requires is a regular routine of exercising for over half an hour for each session. And before long, it’s running faster and longer!

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