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A hectic job, travelling frequently, a busy schedule can all play havoc with your fitness regime. No time to exercise… a quick (unhealthy) bite here and there as you rush off to a client, meeting or to pick up kids. It’s not easy to juggle a busy lifestyle as well as trying to eat right and fit in time to exercise – so here are a few ideas to help you cope better with your busy lifestyle AND lose weight in the process.

Your kids, house, partner and work are important – but so are YOU! Think about this: if you were just that bit fitter and healthier, think how much MORE you could cram into a day – and quicker too!

Instead of completely changing your busy lifestyle, INCORPORATE more activity into your day, such as walking brisker, using the stairs more, using the car less, clenching your buttocks tightly when you sit, and pulling your tummy in when you stand. Do what you normally do – but put more effort into it!

Don’t feel that you have to set aside an hour session every day to lose weight. Even 10 minute sessions throughout the week (even at lunchtime) could make all the difference. It may not sound like a lot, but even if it is only 10 minutes… it’s 10 times better than doing nothing – and it’ll still be enough to give your energy levels a great boost, helping you work better in the long run.

Breakfast is vital, as is any other meal of the day, simply because it kickstarts the metabolism and gives you energy to get through that first part of the day. Your daily fix of caffeine-filled coffee is simply not enough!! Breakfast time is simply any time before lunchtime, so if you can’t face breakfast first thing in the morning, make sure you eat at least an hour or two afterwards.

It’s not when you eat that matters – it’s what you eat! Wherever you are, in the car or at your desk, make sure you have healthy snacks handy for whenever you feel yourself craving. By eating little, often AND healthily, you will keep your energy levels high, and be able to function better in your job. You CANNOT be at your best if you are constantly drained because of lack of fuel, ie: FOOD. Avoid always heading for the biscuits or chocolate bars and instead eat low-fat filling foods, such as low-fat sandwiches, bananas, cereal, dried fruit, rice cakes, yoghurts, breadsticks, bagels, popcorn, etc.

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